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Energy Savings

3M solar control window films often achieve 2-3 year ROI and are built to last. 3M provides a strong commercial warranty and product lifecycle often exceeds 20 years.

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Prevent Overheating, Glare and Fading

3M Solar Control window films selectively filter out the suns harmful radiation before transmitting through glass.

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3M security film secures your glass in place protecting against ballistic threats, 'smash and grab' crime, industrial accidents and severe weather events..

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Decorative Films & Commercial Graphics

3M Fasara decorative films help create custom designs to improve any glass surface. Available in hundreds of designs, opacities, and color choices.

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Factory Certified Installers

We are factory certified installers of 3M Window Films. Which are all suited for today's energy conscience individuals, as well as those wanting to reduce fading from UV rays. J & J Inc. stocks these high performance window films (glass coatings) in several different styles. A trained window film sales representative will provide you with the best options for your application. A factory authorized and certified installer will then finish the project.

Call J & J Inc. today to discuss your project goals and how we can help you determine the correct film type and quantities required to ensure a winning project.

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